We are “just us”!

Letty and gma
  The Diner started in Charles Town, WV in 2008 and is still there (Recently voted most iconic diner in WV).  Grandma and Pop Pops moved to North Carolina in 2015 to work on retiring and the current Granda's Diner location.

Grandma is originally from Venezuela and Pop Pops from Uruguay.  They have been married going on 47 years with three kids  and 8 grandkids.  Everyone that works at Grandma's Diner is considered an "adopted baby”. We love the entire staff and know as much about them as our own family.

We cook Diner favorites, with the Venezuelan delights with Grandma heading it all.  You can often find her in Wake Forest, but Grandma still goes to WV to joke around with the locals!

We have a saying here at Grandma's Diner:

“The abuse is free”

Grandma is a jokester, and she loves meeting new people and sharing her menu with them as well as the regulars. But she only gives you her abuse for free, you have to pay for the rest! 
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Voted Most Iconic Diner in West Virgina